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Magnetic knife holders and other magnetic devices.

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Magnetic knife holders and tool holders are our specialty.

Looking for refrigerator mounted magnetic knife holders? Yep - we have 'em. They feature double magnetic mounts for attachment to your refrigerator or tool box, No hammering, drilling holes or using screws is needed.

Here's a quick link to find the Magnetic knife bar for refrigerator.

And don't forget our variety of strong high quality wall mounted magnetic knife strips. Or perhaps a magnetic tool holder to solve your tool storage dilemma?

Magnetic Tool Holders

Heavy duty magnetic tool holder.

Organize hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and more with our strong, heavy duty magnetic tool holders. Perfect for use in garages, service stations, workshops,commercial kitchens, and even inside maintenance vehicles. Welded steel construction and 20 lbs. pull per inch make these magnetic tool strips extremely durable. These magnetic tool holders mount easily to walls, workbenches or toolboxes. Steel hanging tabs with 0.25 inch diameter holes are welded in place for secure mounting.

Magnetic knife holders have taken over the role of knife storage from space hogging counter knife blocks. Particularly in professional restaurants, this easy to use method is more hygienic and keeps your countertops clutter free. Magnetic tool holders are built to withstand rough handling better than regular knifeholders, but both can be used interchangeably.

Magnetic knife holder.

Wall Mounted Magnetic Knife Bars

Mounted on the wall or cabinet side, these powerful attractive magnetic knife holders also double as great small tool holders. Available in various colors, finishes and materials, including stainless steel and wood. Organize knifes, utensils and tools in the kitchen, home, office or garage. Our magnetic knife bars grip securely yet your knives and tools can be easily released.

Knife Blade Guards with Magnetic Closures

This practical and great looking knife blade guard will quickly become your favorite way to store your best kitchen knives. These patented well designed knife storage units keeps the cutting edges of your knives protected and your fingers safe. They are available in 3 sizes.

Introducing our new Curtis Stone Magnetic Attraction Utensils!

Check out our new Magnetic Attraction Utensils that magnetically attach to your refrigerator or on any magnetically compatible surfaces in your kitchen .

Curtis Stone Magnetic Attraction Utensils.

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